Side Hinged

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Side Hinged


Buckle & Jones can offer customers Side Hinged Doors, which reliable, durable, secure and easy to use.

Side Hinged doors open in a similar way to a standard door in your house, which makes them easy to use with a familiar function to them. The Side Hinged Door gives you easy access without the physical exertion of lifting a complete garage door. This makes a very good choice for people with limited mobility.

Side Hinged doors are fitted to the garage with hinges this makes them very low maintenance requiring little or no servicing making it cost effective with regard to repairs. Side Hinged doors are available as centre or off centre split. The access door can be positioned to either side.

If there is minimal space above your garage door, then side hinged doors provide the solution, as they do not extend in to the garage door opening. If your garage has obstructions like shelving inside, then hinged doors are ideal as they do not extend into the internal space of the garage. Both doors open outwards and can be modified to accommodate remote control. Buckle & Jones can provide hinged doors in a variety of designs and materials.

Why choose side hinged garage doors?

Popular 'traditional' operation and ideal if there are obstructions within the garage. Excellent security and very durable construction provide long life with minimal maintenance and automation is available as an option.

  • Materials: steel, timber, GRP or ABS plastic
  • Incredibly well built
  • Highly durable
  • Traditional style
  • Large array of colours
  • Automation available

A disadvantage of side hinged garage doors is that the doors open fully outwards, which requires a lot of leading space to open them fully. If your car is in the driveway and you want to access the garage, your car needs to be the right distance away, which can be inconvenient for some driveways.

Videos for Visual Guidance

Here are some videos of types of garage doors made by 2 of our supplied brand names, to help you choose your style of garage door