Manual Garage Doors

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Manual garage doors provide security and low maintenance. Their popularity comes from ease of use, they are easy to fix and install and have minimal moving parts in comparison to automatic garage doors.

Manual doors open using either tension or torsion springs for ease of use and the need of minimal effort.

Maual garage doors are most often used when garages are not used a great deal. Garages are a great spaces and can be transformed it into something functional. Modern garage doors are available in lots of different materials and are much lighter than they used to be, while still being durable, secure and hard wearing. Manual garage doors are avilable in many finishes from powder paint and foils and even timber effect.

Why choose a manual garage door?
  • Easy to Operate
  • Value for money
  • Popular garage door style
  • Materials: steel, timber, GRP or ABS plastic
  • Large array of colours
  • Automation available
  • Security locking
  • Canot be 'tricked' open
  • Easy to fix

A disadvantage of manual garage doors is that they can be physically difficult to use. Coming home when it’s raining, late at night, or cold outside can become a real chore when you have to get out of your vehicle to open the door. In the minds of most people, automatic garage doors were made for a reason.

Videos for Visual Guidance

Here are some videos of types of garage doors made by 2 of our supplied brand names, to help you choose your style of garage door