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Space Saving

Roller garage doors maintains space both inside and outside the garage door. You can drive all the way up to the door for parking and the ceiling area of the garage remains available. Aluminium finishes look modern and elegant. They are easy to clean with a high quality coating on the outside and inside of the door’s surface.

A Roller Garage Door opens upwards. The garage door doesn't reduce the space outside or inside the garage's working space. This makes roller doors suited for short driveways or where cars are parked close to the door in or out of the garage. Roller garage doors can be installed behind any shape of structural opening such as archways, etc because they rise vertically. If your garage has a particularly high ceiling or when tracks would provide and obstruction, then roller doors are the choice for your garage. Roller doors are normally mounted inside the garage to give the maximum width and height when open but a roller door can fit in-between and even outside of your opening, with an optional hood enclosure to protect the roller whilst not looking our of place.

Roller doors form a compact coil above the opening, meaning minimum space requirements both inside and out. Slimmed down versions requiring even less headroom are available.

Why choose a roller garage door?

Roller garage doors operate very quickly and smoothly, and it allows you to have easy access to your garage without exerting much effort. The roller garage doors are very easy to operate, and due to the roller mechanism, it does not impact the structure of the garage.
Another great advantage to the roller garage door is that the operation is relatively quiet. This is important for maintaining peace and quiet within your home, and it is a major factor in why roller garage doors are very popular among homeowners; they are quiet, easy to maintain, and effective.
Another advantage of roller garage doors is that they are designed to operate for a very long period of time. Having a roller garage door means stability, reliability, and longevity for your garage. With the mechanisms that the roller garage doors utilize, mechanical issues are minimized.

  • Good sound-insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • High performance weather protected
  • Multi use garage more than just storage
  • You don’t need a door frame
  • Superb if you have a wide car
  • Full access to the roof space
  • Quiet when in motion

The only real disadvantage to the roller garage doors is that they are can be difficult to install. Luckily, Buckle & Jones can provide you with installation and customer support. It is very difficult and not advisable to install roller garage doors yourself; in fact, you may damage your garage door in the process. If you are looking for a durable, quiet, and smooth garage door system, then the roller garage door is an excellent choice for your home.

Videos for Visual Guidance

Here are some videos of types of garage doors made by 2 of our supplied brand names, to help you choose your style of garage door